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Publication History & Background

The Prairies edition replaces the Alberta Insurance Directory, started in 1982. This expanded, regional book now contains full, accurate and up-to-date listings for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. More than 1300 general insurance broker offices, 110 adjusting offices, 370 general insurer offices, and 75 insurance association and government-related offices. In addition, 4000 senior insurance personnel are listed and cross-referenced; 80 trades and suppliers also included.

The 360-page coil-bound book is used by general insurance brokers, adjusters and insurers on the Prairies. More than 85% of display advertisers renew their ads in the following year.

Ordering a Directory

2019 edition: Price $60.00 includes shipping. Tax is additional (HST/GST R121162333). Orders from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba remit $63.00; from B.C. $67.20; Ontario $67.80; elsewhere in Canada, applicable taxes. Please send cheque to Insurance People Media Ltd. To pay by Visa/Mastercard please call 604-874-1001 or 1-800-888-8811. Published annually in December.

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